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Limited Edition Prints

If you are looking for quirky bird art, limited edition prints or even the occasional pet portrait you have searched well. Welcome to my site.

This site should have been launched over a year ago but due to my illness (fully recovered), family illness (recovering) and two home moves everything went cold for a while as life surged forward like a tsunami with all my art materials in boxes like the flotsam and jetsam of our lives.

I am now settled in a beautiful home on the shore of Gareloch on the stunning west coast of Scotland waking up to seabirds reminding me how people got up in the morning before smartphone alarms. As I started to get back in the groove to complete the projects that have mounted up I saw a revival of interest in my “Hoodied Crow” on social media. So, despite the lack of scanned or even completed artworks I decided to launch the website anyway so that those asking to purchase a signed and numbered limited edition print could do so online. Right here.

The others are in the process and it looks like the calendar may be 2024 after all. Thanks who all who encouraged me during the tougher times. Don your superhero capes and soar you lovely people.


Limited Edition Prints

Original artworks and high quality Giclee prints. All stamped, numbered, authenticated and signed by the artist.

Pet Portraits

Personalised Pet portraits – Dogs, Cats, Horses…iguanas?

Miscellaneous prints for sale

Coming Soon! Miscellaneous artworks for sale. Affordable Originals and prints.