Mike McMonagle


Mike McMonagle - artist - Garelochhead, Helsensburgh, Argyll and Bute

About the artist

Following a long and successful career in Advertising and Branding Agencies in London where I started as a commercial artist rising to senior positions within the industry. A publishing client impressed by our work on modernising, streamlining and rebranding a range of business periodicals offered me a position which became a consultancy role covering military, sports and financial titles.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer and, despite my love of London and my Buckinghamshire home, I decided I didn’t want to end my days outside of my beloved Scottish homeland. So, we got seriously minimalist, packed our belongings in a small van and headed to the beautiful west coast of Scotland. I had the op, got a dog, started walking the local hills around Loch Lomond and Arrochar and forgot the dying part.

I found I passed my convalescence reading and drawing. Doodles became detailed works. People asked me to draw their dogs. I closed the laptop and bought a drawing board and far too much art equipment. I was drawing some friendly commissions and largely drawing whatever took my fancy. The ideas have since started flowing and I have decided to share the works as both originals and limited edition prints.

The store is being built and probably will always be in a state of flux as new items are completed and uploaded (and because that’s my nature) but please peruse the store and see what I have been up to and feel free to communicate – I am good at that!

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